Monday, December 29, 2008

Aaron Alexander - Student Ministries Pastor

As most of you know (unless you've been living under a rock or in Siberia), we're smack dab in the middle of a construction project here at Hope. It's been talked about a few times on this blog mainly because it's completely consuming us. It's had it's crazy weeks, uncomfortable weeks, disastrous weeks, but it's definitely been interesting. But has it lost it's excitement? I surely hope not! So, I wanted to share the Top 10 Reasons we're Excited about the New Hope Fellowship campus expansion. Not all of these are completely true, but wouldn't it be better if they were?

10. The new lobby is perfect for impromptu games of bowling. 10 pin anybody? I'll provide the shoes.

9. Myrtle, the most powerful person in the church, gets her own underground paring area and security detail. Yes, she is that important.

8. They say the new playground area in the Adventure Kidz area is for the kids, but they are wrong. It's for all the adults who play on it when the kids aren't there. Anybody game? Just remember to take your shoes off and wear flexible clothing - Pastor Scott has torn many a pair of jeans sliding down the slides. Not pretty.

7. The TVs in the lobby will be put to great use with MacGyver marathons every Thursday. Pastor John loves MacGyver...and who doesn't?

6. I heard the Hope Cafe will have the BEST coffee around - and free WiFi. That's true.

5. I know our current portable stage is cool and all, but is anybody else tired of being so close to Aubrey while he's singing that you can actually see his tonsils?

4. Not having to walk across the "drawbridge" made of plywood across the "Hope Moat" to get into service. That was fun for a while, but it got old quickly after Watty started pushing kids into the water. Not cool, Watty. We totally caught you.

3. The new screens in the auditorium will be perfect for Wii Tennis. Pastor Larry Hopkins will probably win though with his amazing back swing - he's a monster not to be messed with!

2. John's entrance into the new facility at the Grand Opening involves fire-breathers, acrobats, and gorillas. Interested...aren't you?

1. We get to see Christ change more lives in Frisco. Period.

Is there any other reason to have a bigger campus than to see more people come to know Christ? Absolutely not. That is the reason we are excited about the new stuff all around Hope - not because of any gadget, not because of any new mural on the wall, not because of a new sound system. Those are just tools that we use to reach people for Christ. You can take this entire building away, every TV, microphone, light, coffee mug - it won't mean a bit of difference to God and it won't to us. We believe God will reach people whether or not we have the most advanced equipment or building on the face of the earth. Do you?

We aren't excited about the new "things" - but rather the new people that will step into our church building for the first time starting in April. That may be the first time they have ever stepped foot into a church building. Are we focusing on the right things when it comes to that moment? Yes, the lights are important. The sound system is important. If the windows are clean is important. But are they the MOST important? Of course not.

So let's remember why we are doing what we are doing. It's not to build an earthly kingdom made of concrete, metal, wood, or glass. But rather to be a part of building a Heavenly Kingdom of changed lives, forgiveness, grace, and redemption. God is in the business of changing lives. It's important to Him and is unapologetically important to us.

I couldn't be more excited about that! But are we ready? I have a feeling we better get ready - God is moving in Frisco - let's keep our priorities in order so we don't get in His way.

Aaron Alexander

Student Ministries Pastor

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